Bonus Chapter/Scene - Dirty Calls

*This is an unedited excerpt of the final scenes for Dirty Calls. Rights Reserved by Sade Rena 2019


Chapter 9 continues…


I may not be leaving here with her as my own, but either way one looks at it, I’ve won. Pushing my shoulders back, I cruise through the office to board the elevator, the nine floor decline feeling like an eternity. With my eyes closed, I press my back into the far wall, trying to keep an open mind. It would have been great, to have a different ending to my day. To leave the DMV area, knowing I’ll get the chance to be with the woman of my dreams. I blow out a rough breath just when the lift dings and the doors slide open. I step out into the lobby, pulling my jacket on. My phone buzzes in my pocket as I continue on my way. When I remove the device and stare at the screen, a smile plasters on my face.

“Don’t leave. I’m coming down.” Jessica’s voice calls out when I answer her call.

Chapter 10


I step out of my office trying to remain as coy as possible but anticipation builds, taking over me, and I rush to the elevator. Looking up at the digital display, I jab the button. It’s on the first floor. I dart my gaze to the stairwell and back. It hasn’t moved. The last thing I want is to be sweaty and out of breath, but I know it’ll be faster to take the stairs. 

Fuck it.

I rush to the door on my left, gripping the rail and being careful not to go tumbling down the steps. My heels slap against the marbled floors, the impact sends a numbing pain through my ankles. Just four floors left and as I turn to approach the next flight, my shoe snags against the anti-slip tread that rests on the edge of each step. I brace myself from falling, but bump my knee against the newel. Gripping the handle bar for support, I snatch both shoes off my feet and dropping them before continuing to descend to the lower level. 

Bursting through the exiting door, I frantically search the lobby for him. I scan the space, but he isn’t here. My heart races and I try not to let myself believe he’s gone, even after I asked him not to leave. I rush through the swiveling entrance, looking in both directions only to find the streets free of him. My shoulders slump, and I toss my arms up in defeat. I clasp my hands together atop my head, still staring out at the sidewalk, just hoping I’ll spot him walking in front of someone. After a minute, I give up, and will myself to accept the fact I might have fucked this up. 

I re-enter the building, the cold tiles reminding me I’m barefoot. I look down and wiggle my toes. My chest rattles through a soft chuckle and then a deep sigh before walking to the elevator. My heart aches that he left. But, who am I to be upset? He opened himself to me and I just… Ugh. I press the call button and wait amongst other patrons, unphased by the weird glances at my naked feet.


The doors are nearly closed, but I reach out, forcing them apart. To not hold anyone else up, I step back into the lobby. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, making me experience things it knows I want to hear. I could have sworn I heard his voice, or at least I hoped so, but as I scan the space for a second time he’s still not here. Tears threaten to escape but I wipe them away with the back of my hand and turn back towards the stairwell. I don’t want to wait in line for the next ride up and with the regret I feel it may be best to have the solitude. Besides, I left my shoes on the fourth floor. I will need those if I want to appear professional today.

Rubbing my hands over my blouse, I look straight ahead, freezing in my tracks. A man walks in front of me, blocking my view, forcing me to crane my neck to get a good look. He’s there, behind the door of the staircase, perched against the wall. A smile a mile long stretches to my eyes and I skip to him. Kade stands upright and walks to meet me halfway. I grab his hand between both of mine and lead him through the threshold of the stairway. He follows without hesitation and as soon as we’re alone, he pulls from my grasp and cups my face. Kade crashes his mouth to mine, his tongue parting my lips. I breathe into him, loving the way it feels to be this close to him, yet regretting that I almost messed this up.

I break our embrace and look up at him. “I’m awkward, and weird, and sometimes overthink things. I can be clumsy and clueless.” I take a breath. 

“Breathe, Sweets. I know what I’m getting myself into.” He smiles, pulls me into his chest and rub his hands down my spine.

“I’m crazy.” I huff.

“That’s okay. You’re a mess, I get that, but it’s beautiful to me.”

I smile softly and lay my head on his chest. “Do you have to fly back tonight?”

“Not if you’re giving me a reason to stay.” He kisses my head.

“I am. I need to get back upstairs. Well, I need to find my shoes first…” I back away.

“I was about to ask about that.” He laughs.

I chuckle. “I didn’t want to miss you and they were kinda in the way.”

He holds his hands out as if he’s surrendering to me. “Hey, no judgement. I thought it was cute to see you running through the lobby barefoot. It let me know how much you care about me, considering I know you’re a bit of a germaphobe.” 

I try not to laugh but fail. “Okay, I need to go, but don’t leave. I’ll text you my address. Have dinner with me tonight.”

“I’d love to.”

I lift on my toes to kiss him once more before saying a farewell and running up the stairs in search of my shoes.


When my shift is over, Kade is waiting for me in the lobby with his arms crossed and his back pressed firmly against the receptionist desk. I’d texted him earlier to let him know I’ll be an hour later than expected, and he didn’t seem to mind at all. Most of the staff has gone home already, leaving only me and a few others behind. They were still in their offices when I left, which is the only reason it doesn’t bother me he’s here in the lounge where those who work with us can see us leaving together.  

“Hey you! You didn’t have to wait here for me.” I approach him and wave goodbye to the evening security officer.

Kade pushes off the counter, dropping his arms to his side. “Yeah I know, but I was just next door at the Westin Hotel and figured it made sense to wait for you instead of walking up to your apartment alone.”

“That makes sense.” I say, allowing him to wrap his arms around me.

“Ready to go?” He takes my laptop bag from me.

“I am. I’ve scheduled for the groceries to be delivered, so all I’ll have to do is prep and cook.” 

He holds the door for me to exit. “We could have gone to a restaurant,” He adds, his voice filled with concern.

“Yeah, but I want to cook for you.”

Kade nods and signals for me to lead the way. It takes us all of ten minutes to walk the length of Glebe Road to my apartment. As we make our way through the front desk area and up the elevators on to my floor, I watch as he looks around, taking in our surroundings. I unlock my door, stepping in and to the side to allow him entry.

“Make yourself at home. I’m going to get out of my work clothes real quick.” I scurry past the kitchen to my room on the left, leaving the door slightly ajar. “If you’re thirsty, I have water, ginger ale, and that wine you ordered for me the last time. Help yourself.” I yell, hoping he could hear me.

I hear the fridge open before he calls out. “I’ll take a ginger ale.”

He’s removing his coat and resting it on the back of the dining chair when I step back into the common area. He lifts his glass from the table and glances around the place.

“I love this window.” He makes his way to the living room to look out of it.

“It’s the main reason I chose this place. I looked at a bunch of locations but all the natural lighting in here sold me,” I add and stroll over to stand next to him.

“No curtains?” He points inquisitively.

“I should probably get some, eventually,” I chuckle. “But I just hadn’t gotten around to it. My mom would die if she came here and saw I was exposed like this.”

“I think I’m with your mom. We should definitely see about getting you some drapes or blinds. I’ll feel a lot more comfortable to not have to worry about someone peeking in on you.”

“There’s nothing across from me but the gas station which is a single level building, and I’m on the eighth floor.”

“Okay, I’ll give you that. But what about window washers?” He turns to face me, taking a sip from his soda.

Twirling on my heels, I take a seat on the sofa. “I’m never home when they’re out there cleaning.” I tuck one leg underneath me. 

Kade follows, sitting down beside me and placing his right arm over my shoulder. “So what you’re telling me is that you’ve thought long and hard about how to answer one’s concern over this?” He laughs.

Before I can respond, my phone dings and I’m certain it’s the notification, alerting me that my groceries have arrived. I push off the couch, and strut back over to the door, grabbing my phone from my purse along the way. Slipping my feet into the pair of old Nike slides that I use solely for walking about the building, I prepare to leave. 

“Where are you going?”

“Downstairs. The groceries are here.”

He stands up, adjusting his pants. “I’ll get it. Will they be meeting me in the lobby or outside?”

“Probably at the front entrance. You can’t get in the building without a key.”

“Okay.” He places his hands on both shoulders giving them a squeeze. “I’ll go get the food. And will see you in a bit.”

I respond with a smile, stepping out of his way. He’s a guest, so naturally my instinct was to just take care of it myself. But then again, he is a man… A man’s man. So, I don’t I know why I thought he’d let that fly. 

When he returns, he sits the bags on the counter and stands behind me wrapping his hands around my waist, pressing his body into my back. I breathe in deeply, allowing my muscles to relax and melt into his warm frame as I wash my hands.

“What are we having?” He asks, releasing me and heading back into the living room for his drink. He sips it and I watch him, nearly salivating over the rolling of his Adam’s apple. 

“My famous stuffed shells.” I shut off the sink, shaking my hands to flick away moisture. “Wait. You don’t have any dairy allergies do you?”

“Nope. I eat everything.” 

I have to stop myself from being childish and responding with, ‘that’s what he said’. Instead, I press my lips together and say, “Awesome! Because that would’ve been bad and we would’ve been starving.” I laugh softly. “The dish is mostly cheese-based.”

Over the next twenty minutes, I spend the time required to prep our dinner.  Starting with the chicken, after it’s been cleaned, I season and pan sear before adding in fresh spinach and cheese then stuffing the mixture inside jumbo pasta shells. For the last step, I pop it in the oven to bake for ten minutes.  While I cook, Kade watches television. Well, more like barely watches, the TV is on, but we’ve spent more time talking. 

He asks me about my day and I inquire about his. We both try to avoid discussing our earlier rendezvous in my office. I’m grateful because just thinking about it has my chest doing somersaults and my undergarments wet.

He offers to help by putting together two place settings and pouring each of us a glass of wine. I carry the piping hot glass dish and serving spoon to the table and leave them in the center. Remembering the side salad I threw together, I race back to the kitchen.

“Sweets, this smells and looks amazing.” He pulls out a chair and takes a seat. “I can’t wait to dig in.” 

I put the salad bowl next to the rest of our meal and sit. “Thank you. It’s my favorite thing to make. Most people love it.”

He waits for me to get fully situated before picking up his fork and chopping into a shell. I watched as he pops a piece into his mouth and closes his eyes, showing he’s enjoying it.

“Girl,” he says with his head thrown back and his eyes wide. “If all your meals are this good, you’re going to find yourself stuck with me.”

I lift my chin, and sigh in satisfaction. I’ve prepared this dish nearly a million times, so I have the recipe down pact. But, I’m always nervous when I make it for a new person. “That might not be such a bad idea,” I retort, taking a helping of my own.

Kade allows his fork to clink against the plate before sitting back in his chair. He rolls his shoulders, getting comfortable in his place. I furrow my brows in his direction, wondering why he’s stopped eating. But with my mouth full, I take the time to chew and swallow. He watches me with a snide crooked grin across his face.

“Is something wrong?” I quiz.

He sits forward to lean on his elbows. “Not at all. I just needed to look at you for a minute.”

I tuck my chin, trying my damnedest to hide the smile threatening to escape. “What are you hoping to see?” 

“I guess I’m just still shocked by you.” He lowers his gaze and toys with his food, using the fork to push it around.

I pause and straighten my posture. “Shocked?”

“Yeah, I mean you’re fucking beautiful, Sweets. More than I ever imagined. Then I think about how we met, and now we’re here. After weeks of trying to get you to see me, we’re here.”

A sly smile replaces the look of confusion I had a second ago. “I know. Face to face.” My voice is low and sultry. Not on purpose, he just does things to me I can’t control.

“So,” he blurts out and stabs his dinner to feed himself a helping of spinach and chicken. “What are your thoughts on making this work?”

“Honestly, I was hoping you had some sort of an idea.” I chuckle and he does the same.

He rubs his beard and licks his lips. “I was thinking we could take turns visiting each other. I’m traveling most of the time, so I could easily make a detour on the way home or a few days before I need to get to my destination. I can also book flights for you to come out to LA.”

I nod at his plans, realizing he’s given this some serious thought. “What about our schedules? It’s more feasible for you, but I don’t think I can spend a lot of time away. Maybe once a month? If I’m coming to LA, I can do it over a weekend and could probably take a Friday or Monday as a remote day.” I suggest.

“That sounds fine. I wouldn’t expect you to travel out to me all the time. I’m more than happy to take the brunt of that. It’ll make more sense, as when I’m in town, I can work and your schedule doesn’t have to change.”

“All right.” I breathe in deep. “Thanks for staying.” 

“Thank you for coming after me and choosing to give us a shot.” He reaches across the table and rest his hand on top of mine. 

I adjust myself so I can take his fingers in my palms and squeeze. “Let’s eat up before it gets cold.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

We spend the next few minutes devouring our food and engaging in conversation. It’s always been easy to talk to him and just lose myself in his words and tonight is no different. Not once did I allow myself to overthink things, and it feels good. I was sure I ruined my chances but honestly; I don’t even know why I would think so. He was clear from the very beginning what he wanted and never gave me any reason to doubt him.

After dinner, Kade helps me load the empty dishes into the sink. It’s getting late, but thankfully it’s the weekend and I don’t have to be up early for work tomorrow. I turn to face him, pressing my back against the sink and drying my hands off with the dish towel. He takes a step forward, slipping his arms around my waist.

“I’m going to kiss you now, Sweets.” He peers down at me, licking his lips and throwing me that sexy grin.

My breath hitches, preventing me from speaking but my body language welcomes him. I open my chest, arching forward so that our bodies are molded together. He lowers himself, pulling my tongue between his teeth before letting it roam free.



She feels so good in my arms, pressed against my chest. Her body opens to me, calling and wanting for me to do with it whatever I choose. Damn it if I don’t want to rip her leggings and top from her body and pleasure her right here, right now. But I won’t. Yes, we’ve already crossed that threshold when we fucked in her office, but this is technically our first date. So I won’t heed my desire to take her pussy into my mouth again. I want… no; I need her to see this, to see me as something serious. I haven’t wanted a woman this bad in a long time and it feels good to care for someone again. Jessica rocked my world that first night and blew my mind earlier today. I’m ready to spend however long it takes giving her the same.

I back away but don’t break my hold on her hips. “Today was great. Thank you so much for dinner. I’ll have to cook for you when you visit LA.” I say in-between kisses.

“I’d love that.” She smiles into my mouth.

I sigh. “My flight leaves early, so I’m going to head back to the Westin.”

Jessica pouts, letting her shoulders slump in disappointment. I smirk, narrowing my sights on her full lips and trace them with my thumb. They’re wet and swollen from our kisses, and all I can think about is sucking on them to see just how plump they can get.

“I’ll be back, I promise. I have some things to take care of over the next couple of weeks.” I reach into my back pocket for my phone and scroll to my calendar. “But let’s see. MLK weekend, I’m free. I can come back that Friday evening and stay with you through Monday. Or you can fly to see me?” I add, searching her face for confirmation.

“I’ve never been to LA.” She proclaims.

I nod. “Then it’s settled. I’ll book your flight and send the itinerary.” After shoving my phone back in my pocket, I cup her face for one more kiss.

We finally separate long enough for me to retrieve my coat from the back of the chair and slip it on. She helps me by zipping it up before walking me towards the door. I pull her in for another embrace, inhaling deeply, locking her scent to memory. I will need it for when I make it back to my room to take care of the hunger I’ve been fighting to control. 

The door closes behind me and I stand there for a moment with my palm pressed against it. Warmth spreads through my body as contentment and gratitude takes over me. My lip twitches and I realize I’m hiding a smile. I worried about the way the day would turn out. Showing up at her office, forcing her to face me was a gamble and one that paid off in such a major way. I exit the building with more pep in my step than I’ve had in ages and decide to walk the ten minutes back to the hotel instead of calling an Uber.


Now settled in bed after showering and packing for my flight, I shut out the lights to force myself asleep. I have to be to Reagan National Airport by four am for the five o’clock red eye. But as I lay here, staring at the ceiling, all that crosses my mind is my sweet Jessica. Visions of her sprawled out on that desk sends blood rushing to my little head and I know that if I’m to get any rest tonight, I’ll need to relieve the pressure.

I reach for my phone and quickly dial her number, holding the device to my ear. She answers on the third ring, her voice pouring through the speaker exciting me even more.

“Hello,” she says in a low tone.

I wet my lips. “I’m imagining how good your pussy would feel wrapped around my dick, Sweets.” I recite the very first line I said to her, but this time I’m certain I’ve dialed the correct number.

The End